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Small Powder Bathroom Vanities 12 to 30 Inches Wide with Free Shipping!

A small bathroom space does not mean you cannot deliver a luxurious look and functionality through the installation of a lovely bathroom vanity. Our small bathroom vanities offer plenty of options for the smallest of rooms. We have cabinets that are only a bit over a foot wide and offer fully functional sinks and storage space! When you are working in small rooms, like powder rooms, space is at a premium, so it is essential that you make the best choice possible for your vanity. We have provided the buying guide below to help you choose a cabinet that fits your need and space equally well.

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Size really does matter. It is not necessarily important to have a vanity that is large, but it is essential to have a vanity that fits. If the vanity is too big, it can block other elements in the bathroom or reduce the ability to move freely within the room. The best way to ensure that you do not purchase a bathroom vanity that is too big is to measure the available space. Measure the width by measuring across the wall where the vanity will go. Only measure space that is free and will not be needed for another item or task. You can also measure depth by figuring out how far from the wall the vanity can stick. You will want to consider the possibility of opening drawers or doors when you decide on dimensions. Leave room for these types of activities on the front of your cabinet.  If you have a narrow depth, you can shop all narrow depth vanities here.

Style and Finishing
Your vanity should match your personals style as well as the decor for your space. The reason it is important to choose according to your personal style is that you want the vanity to match any future changes you might make to decor. Style elements you may be able to choose from will include counter tops, finish, fixtures and hardware. Our line of small vanities range from the ornate to the simple and modern, so you should be able to choose elements that go well together and mingle in your room.  We also have a selection of small pedestal sinks.

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Storage Options
Storage options are often a big part of choosing a vanity. When you need to select a smaller vanity, you can still get some good storage options. In order to know which options are right for you, think about what you will need to store in the vanity. That will help you decide if you need a single under sink cabinet, a few small drawers or even just some open shelves. You should also consider what other storage options are available in the bathroom and how they might impact your need for storage in a powder room vanity.

The final step in making any vanity selection is to complete an overall review of plumbing and other technical elements. You should make sure the sink, fixtures and cabinet you choose have matching specification. You should also make sure they will integrate into your existing plumbing. In addition to plumbing, you may also want to check to ensure the cabinet will not block electrical outlets or heating vents.


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